lobster memories


a really well drawn lobster



So what is this, you may be asking yourself? Or maybe you're just asking how the heck to get out of here. The back button works well, unless this is opened in a new tab. In that case, sorry you're stuck here forever. You can just send me the laptop if you want. Tape a note with the username and password to the top, preferably with not-too-sticky tape. Thanks.

Anyway. This is a site I'm putting together for fun. Definitely not because I'm sick of being on the collective house arrest that everyone has been suffering through for the last year. Nah, fun. That one. What I want to do is talk about things that I'm interested in and that I care aout. I'm a software engineer working in web development. I'm a baker and a musician. I like making things with my hands and reading and generally trying to learn more about the world. So we'll just stick to those topics, then.

I love being a web developer. I've written the home page of the blog probably ten times by now in all sorts of tech stacks. I think I finally decided that for a web page (not even) my mom and I will read, I probably don't need to make some Svelte powered SSR blog. In fact, I'm deciding to use the fastest SSR technology I can think of... HTML, CSS, and some JS for little fancy things. So this project will explore the world of writing web app without a framework and we'll see how it goes... Or I'll just build my own framework as we go.